A college campus should be a haven of idealism and positivism, and student government elections are no exception. Debate and competition are a staple of politics, but dirty tactics have no place in UR’s environment. The recent Students’ Association and Class Council elections were characterized by negative campaigning, which have been a recurring theme in recent years.

This election process has seen the emergence of smear tactics. Character attacks on certain candidates have caused nothing but harm. Not only are the attacks harmful to the victim, but they also look tacky for the entire student body, especially for the other candidates. The damage that is incurred from pointless mud slinging is obvious enough from national politics, and such unethical behavior should not be extended to this campus.

Another major issue in this campaign is the tearing down of campaign posters. It has come to be expected that candidates’ flyers will be ripped down over the course of the week-long campaign. This extends not only to presidential candidates but also to the SA Senate and Class Council races. This is unacceptable behavior, and it shows clear disrespect for the hard work and time that candidates put into their advertisements. Whether the culprits are those personally involved in the campaign or are other members of the student body, they should realize that this does not benefit anyone.

Outside of the political realm, vandalism of posters is a widespread problem in all of the residence halls. Posters for groups such as Students For Life that lay strewn across the floor reflect poorly on the ideals of inclusiveness and open communication that UR values highly. Furthermore, it is not the right of students to decide whether or not these posters are acceptable. Simple respect for property and personal rights should be expected from all the students on this campus.

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