By Charlie Whitman

Campus Times Staff

Dean of Students Jody Asbury and Associate Dean of Students Matthew Burns came to Monday’s senate meeting to discuss the new initiatives for the Greek community this academic year.

They presented the senators with a document that was given to the fraternities and sororities on campus, regarding “Expectations of Excellence.”

“The documents are based on the groups’ charters and mission statements,” Asbury said. “The organizations have agreed that they are OK with the guidelines. The test will be to see if they operate as they say they are.”

Asbury and Burns emphasized that their goals are to strengthen groups and make the Greek community and influence on campus as strong as possible.

Each organization will be given these guidelines. They will also have a faculty advocate to help them set their goals and work with their budgets, which are almost non existent in some cases, Asbury commented.

There will be a review of each of these groups at the end of each year. To assure the members of senate that this action is not one against the happiness of student life on campus, Burns reiterated that they want organizations to survive.

He is hopeful that this will stimulate and rejuvenate Greek life.

Some concerned senators inquired about the intentions and consequences of the change on the organizations.

According to Burns and Asbury, punitive damages are not yet established and the system will be continually tweaked in its inaugural year, but accreditation is the bigger issue at stake.

“Our goal is not to punish, punish, punish, but to begin to recognize and reward [Greek organizations],” Asbury said. Accreditation is important and the purpose is to encourage and initiate better goal setting as well as achieving the goals they have initially set.

Asbury and Burns emphasized that their aim is to create and ensure healthy organizations.

Also at the meeting, two new members were appointed to the projects and services committee as aides to the senate – freshmen Livnat Blum and Harrel Kirstein. They will serve as aides to the senate and not as cabinet members.

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