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Dear Editor: Not only is the work of one of the recipients (R. D. Luce) of the National Medal of Science almost worthless, he has been a participant (I have documentation of this) in heinous crimes against the world’s greatest living scientist. He deserves jail, not a medal. Satish Chandra The author, a scientist, is listed in Who’s Who in America (59th Edition, 2005). For more information about him, see his web page: (Access to this web page is sometimes blocked by some mischief-makers. If you cannot access it in the first attempt, please call 617-282-4996 and leave a message that you could not access it.)

Tips to make your blood donation most effective

Being cognizant of eating certain foods that boost the production of hemoglobin — the protein found in red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide — makes your blood donation slightly better than before, and it’s possible to get turned away from a donation if your hemoglobin levels are too low.

Black feminism in action

Professor McCune stressed, “it is the cause of Black feminism that we unpack the way White supremacy perpetually enacts violence through the intersection.”

Lost in translation

Once every few years, I got a taste of what it feels to be an outsider in my own culture, peering in. I was a girl lost in translation.