The Students? Association Senate has passed a resolution encouraging the administration to institute a reading period of at least four days.

?We have had many students approach us with concerns regarding short reading periods, especially students taking three or more finals or overloading classes,? said senior and Speaker of the Senate Damon Dimmick.

The resolution is not a demand, but rather a recommendation from students to the administration about what length is fair, Dimmick said.

?It is important to note that most students who approached us or whom we approached thought that a five-day reading period was too long,? he said. ?Four days was the most popular answer, so that is the length we are recommending.?

The real question is not whether a long reading period would be better, but what students will give up to get it, Provost Charles Phelps said.

Lengthening the reading period in the fall semester poses complications because of holidays.

?Giving up Thanksgiving break is just out of the question,? Phelps said. He also doubted that students would be willing to give up fall break.

Beginning the semester earlier would cause difficulties, Phelps said, because many students and professors do summer research and many Eastman School of Music students perform in Europe. Ending the semester later is not a viable option, either.

?You want everybody home for Christmas,? Phelps said. ?[Dec.] 22 is really feasibly the last day that people should have to be on campus.?

Phelps did seem open to amending the reading period in the spring, however.

?It?s a lot easier to fix in the spring,? Phelps said. ?We have definite chunks of time.?

Dining Services begins ?Survivor? promotion

UR students can now play ?Survivor: Rochester Tundra? each week for a chance to win the grand prize of a CD player.

Dining Services will also hold weekly drawings for $35 in dining coupons good in River Campus dining centers and the Corner Store.

The contestants are 10 representatives from River Campus dining facilities and the Corner Store. Each week, the contestant who receives the least number of votes is eliminated.

Students can vote by e-mail for their favorite contestant in order to be entered in the weekly drawing.

During the final week, students can submit an accurate list of contestants and the order in which they were eliminated to qualify for the grand prize.

Vote at

Study seeks people who want to quit smoking

Researchers at UR and ViaHealth are seeking area residents to participate in the Smokers? Health Study, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Participants will be asked about their smoking and diet behaviors and will contacted a few times during their 18-month enrollment period.

People who want to participate must be at least 18, smoke five cigarettes or more a day, have given thought to quitting smoking and read, write and speak English.

For information, call 922-7670.

“Fellowship” premieres after years of COVID-19 setbacks

UR’s International Theatre Program premiered their new show “Fellowship” at Sloan Theater on Sept. 29. The show exhibits the interpersonal conflicts between four women of color as they navigate a liberally-sensitive workplace.

Music and Mogul Money: interviewing UR grad Philip Milman

A recent master’s degree graduate from the Eastman School of Music, Phil Milman ‘21, might now be a familiar face for any fans of famous Twitch streamers.

Turning Rochester into a future semiconductor packaging center: How students benefit from this

"If we work together, we have a real chance of being a leader. If you are a leader in this industry, it could mean many jobs and millions of dollars of economic output. It could be one of the more significant economic development activities in recent history in Rochester."