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MART Crew brings art into the hands of the people

MART Crew is a mail art exchange (it stands for mailed art). Meaning that everyone makes a piece and then [Aranda swaps] them and you get a piece back.

How to sound like a true Rochestarian 

I’ve spent my entire life in the Rochester area, and with that comes the knowledge of how to pronounce some Rochester-specific words.

A rainy Labor Day at the Great New York State Fair

After a week in hot and sunny LA, a day filled with meat, dairy, and constant rain was exactly what I needed to remind myself of my Western New York roots.

Royals Dance Team Mosaic spring show

Overall, I enjoyed the show with all the outfit changes, fun songs, and well-choreographed dancing.

Getting lei’d in Hirst Lounge

What are you supposed to do with a lei after you receive one? Yuen explained that leis are not meant to be thrown away; they should instead be left outside to return to nature. She also mentioned that in Hawaii, the first day of May is a celebration called Lei Day, which the club hopes to do an event for in the future. 

Grounds crew exposed for hosting a groundhog fight ring

What better way to settle these territorial disputes than through an organized fighting ring?

Beyond Van Gogh exhibit creates an experience almost worth its price

Beyond Van Gogh was created by creative director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Normal Studio in Montreal and has spread across the world.

A Day in the Life: Art NY student

Junior Nathan Cobbs is an Art History and Studio Arts double major in the Art New York program for the Spring 2022 semester. The CT interviewed Cobbs to learn more about his experience so far, why he chose to apply, and what he’d tell prospective applicants.

The pros and cons of commuting

It’s definitely not the ideal college experience, but the benefits have outweighed the negative aspects so far.

Four indoor activities to combat the Rochester winter blues

I hope this list inspires you to go out and do something fun in Rochester this winter!