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SA senators call for reevaluation of school snow day policies

With the snow from last week’s record snowstorm melting away, angered students are left to wonder—what happens next?

Library plans to digitally archive historic documents

With the help of a $360,000 grant from the Fred L. Emerson foundation, UR will be able to digitize the…

UR Dining still needs improvement

UR dining ----— what is there to say? The dining program at UR definitely had many ups and downs over…

Wedding couples return to alma mater

Getting married is probably the last thing on an undergraduate’s mind. Having that wedding take place on campus is even…

Dandelion Day evolves over time, students voice nostalgic concern

Since 1951, D-Day on the River Campus has adapted to fit the changing needs of the UR student body to welcome spring and the final weeks of classes.

Students spread literacy around Rochester

When thinking about the different reading clubs on campus, two major clubs come to mind: UReading and Partners in Reading.

UR NotConnected: productivity killing Wi-Fi

[caption id="attachment_67842" align="alignleft" width="300"] Courtesy of[/caption] I can’t write this article because I can’t get online. My rivalry with…

AnchorFree promotes Internet privacy

AnchorFree’s recently launched Hotspot Shield campaign aims to help University students protect their privacy through a new scholarship initiative.

Eastman students perform on national stage at Kennedy Center

Thirteen Eastman students performed as part of the Kennedy Center's Conservatory Project.

Presidential Diversity Award winners named

The Presidential Diversity Award winners' work focuses on promoting the interests of minorities.