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Scars, romance, and the minds of youth

I was a Tumblr tween. And unfortunately, I was one of the many, many children who fell victim to the aestheticization of self-harm.

Quiz: Should you chop your hair off?

Has your mother hung up on you in the middle of you saying "I love you?"

The cost of kindness

It is so much easier to be nice when you are rich because you have so much less to lose. Poverty creates need, and need creates desperation.

‘Do Revenge’: an homage to the enraged teenage girl

Both female leads of "Do Revenge" were rage-filled, unhinged young women. And I loved them for that. Finally, I saw myself on screen.

I want to be obsessed again

I desperately miss teenage obsession. There is something so exhilarating and precious about our deepest infatuations from when we were young teenagers.

Reslife comic

But what happened to your bed?

Please worry, darling

People do love drama. Especially when they can pit women against each other!

Wealth, suffering, and child marriage

There’s always something so shameful about acknowledging your privilege. But I know I am lucky. I am a part of Bangladesh’s minority.

TikTok psychics and the commodification of denial

The circumstances of our breakup were messy and toxic. But denial was comfortable. So I kept on liking, sharing, and following.

Marry Me: the return of the rom-com

No one is going to see a romantic comedy to be surprised by the plot. On Valentine's Day, I went to see "Marry Me" with the lowest of expectations. I anticipated a movie that was so-bad-it’s-good, but it was actually good. It was incredibly fun and charming, and I left the theater beaming.