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LSU-Iowa matchup unexpectedly captivates Women’s Basketball

In lieu of the perennial powerhouses, Iowa and LSU made their first appearances in the national championship.

Yellowjackets’ Winter Roundup

In the next few weeks, our athletic teams will take field, let’s examine how the Yellowjackets fared towards the end of the winter season. 

Amateur Mac McClung wins NBA Slam Dunk Contest. But what does that mean for the sport?

After Mac McClung's win, there were cries that the Virginia native had just revived the Dunk Contest. But why did it need revival?

Rochester Track and Field sprints, leaps, and hurdles to new heights

At 2:20 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 11, 16 women stood in line, nerves flaring, anticipating the three-and-a-half minute chaos that…

For good this time? Tom Brady retires at 45

Tom Brady, regarded as the greatest quarterback in the history of American football, recently announced his retirement after a two decades-long career.