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A reconsidered criticism of UR Student

UR Student appears to be a capable site that needs to be made more userfriendly for a whole list of reasons.

An unadulterated perspective on UR Student

To put it succinctly: UR Student sucks.

The problem with political consistency

Unless a candidate’s voter base is static, they cannot be lauded as “consistent” in the Sanders fashion.

Under-involved or a balanced life?

This intense involvement is good, but it becomes all-consuming quicker than people care to admit. 

In defense of the two party system

It is a fallacy to look at a system flexing and adapting to current political trends, and demand its complete upending — especially when the system isn’t being used to the fullest extent.

Don’t dismiss Appalachia

I do not propose that their solutions to being ignored, like voting predominantly for Trump and other right-wing populists, are correct responses.

Cancel culture needs to be reconsidered

In the current era of activism and awareness, we have a predilection for deciding that someone’s works are no longer…