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From the Pressbox

A number of recent matches between the world's premier fighters have breathed new life into the sport of boxing, but these sorts of high-class matches must be demanded of by fans in order to return boxing to its glory days.

Afrikanza celebrates Africa and culture: the examination of stereotypes and misconceptions of Africa on the UR campus

A review of Afrikanza and an examination of African culture and perceptions at UR.

Naomi Tutu discusses humanity during Season for Nonviolence

Naomi Tutu delivered a dynamic speech last Sunday at UR to mark the culmination of the Season for Nonviolence.

Chairman and CEO of Xerox to speak at commencement

Ursala Burns, CEO of Xerox Corporation, will speak at the 2011 Commencement.

Taking the pledge

The Gandhi Institute recently led the University of Rochester community in the initiative for a pledge of nonviolence.

Pacquiao packs a powerful punch

Manny Pacquiao has made his case as the undisputed king of boxing. However, one of his remaining tasks — to defeat the great Floyd Mayweather — may never happen.

Unity Step Show

A review of the BSU Unity Step Show that took place on Saturday, February 5th 2011.

Challenges ahead as budget cuts continue

The University expects to make adjustments in anticipation of state and federal budget cuts.

Poussaint delivers MLK Day commemorative address

Dr Alvin Poussaint graced Strong Auditorium with his presence as he gave the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Commemorative Address.

UR and RIT create joint degree

A new degree in medical informatics will be offered through a combination of UR and RIT.