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Seniors launch 4th Presidential bid

Seniors Erik Chiodo and Chris Horgan have the rare opportunity to lose four consecutive elections, a feat as impressive as it is impossible.

Master of trains

You may ask : What does it take to become the Master of Trains?

Track sets records at Classic

UR Track and Field (URTF) traveled to Lewisburg, PA, last weekend to compete at the Bucknell Bison Outdoor Classic.

A letter to my Grandfather

Tom was a honorable UR alumnus with strong virtues that he stuck by unwaveringly until his passing.

Hello? Hello!

My grandpa is getting to that age where he can’t hear anything you say and will interject with a “Huh?,” “What?” or “Hello?” several times during any given conversation.

Stressful, stressless stress: The opposite of stress

Stress: stress is stressful. That’s a given. However, have you ever thought about the converse, a life with limited stress…

The opposite of apathy

For this article, I have chosen to talk about a less common topic: apathy. I always find it funny when,…

A tale for all ages

This may not be true for everyone, but the majority of people I’ve talked to have understood the situation. Remember…

A treatment for freshmanitis: Some tips for freshman year

Freshmanitis is an extremely contagious and potentially lethal condition if left untreated. However, as someone who has personally experienced this…