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Life after college athletics

A helpful guide for graduating athletes on how to leave the cult that is college sports.

My brilliant but boycotted birthday bash

Ever since I turned nine my birthdays have gone downhill, all because some kids at school decided to boycott my birthday party.

Divorcing the iPhone

I am proud to say I recently accomplished what few have managed to do before me. I left the iPhone.

Student athletes sound off on new locker rooms

As a member of the track and cross country teams, this is exciting news. As a senior, this news is a bit annoying.

Innocent birthday party act turns sour

According to this shocked mom, the children described the clown as “offensively bad,” with tricks that were “unoriginal and not meant for this modern era.”

A proposal to make football safer

Players would be much less likely to damage each other if all the padding was just removed entirely.