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UR to grow on East Main Street after successful land bid

UR made an investment in the future of downtown Rochester by purchasing a piece of land on East Main St. near the Eastman School of Music.

Over-sexed students have 237 reasons to have sex

There are plenty of reasons to have sex this weekend: because you want to express your affection for your partner, because it smoothly seals the transition from casual to committed relationship, because it’s a great supplement to your yoga program.

Sex is too distracting to sell products

Does sex really sale? Or is the old cliche a long running hoax? Recent studies try to engage the once taken for granted answer.

Orgasms: animal kingdom style

Ever wondered how a Blue Whales like in the sea bed? This week, Sex & the City dives into the animal kingdom and uncovers our deepest curiosities about animal sex.

PRIDE responds to current events

In the wake of bullying-related-suicides in the GLBTQ community, UR’s PRIDE Network talks about cyber-bullying and new items on their agenda.

Public sex scandals: What’s the problem?

Next Monday, on Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Eliot Spitzer, the former New York Democratic governor made famous nationally for soliciting a hot prostitute, will return to the glittering cameras again. This time, rather than offering a chewed frown and a lukewarm apology, Spitzer will be hosting a talk show covering both political and popular issues — his wife and mistress notably absent.

Keep Sex Alive: Recharge your sex life at any age

Just when you thought your sex life would get dull on the far-side of fifty, Sex expert Amelia Titus discusses an unconventional way to feel the love.

The tale of the cougar and the cub: a media myth

Gabrielle Solis, (Eva Longoria) Parker, from “Desperate Housewives” made John Rowland’s (Jeff Metcalfe) being a handyman gardener look like the…

Stimulated mind: How do you watch porn?

Playboy came out in 1953, with its glamorous display of kitten-tongue pink areolas and girls straddling soft fur rugs. And…