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The lost opportunities for military dependents at UR

I am a military dependent: a child of an active duty or retired military member. If that’s not identity, then I don’t know what is.

Befriending your very own fitness monster: the GAC

Fear not, incoming students and GAC newcomers, I will divulge all my secrets on how I befriended the fitness monster.

Goodbye Callie Adams Foster

I understood Callie and seeing even the tiniest piece of me in her story, I couldn’t help but keep watching her until the end of “The Fosters,” and then onto “Good Trouble,” because I wasn’t ready to let go. Hers and mine are not the same story but I know it represents a lot of teenagers who are facing a brokenness they already feel is so inescapable in their young lives. 

The dining shortage breeds toxic body image

We can’t just stop eating while we wait for a committee to decide on the “best” way to feed us, whatever they think that is.

Attention incoming introverts

The following guide should aid you in keeping accessibility and convenience in your daily schedule, while also allowing for new adventures.

The Dr. Chatbot challenge rewards students for their complacency

We’re lucky the University chose positive reinforcement, because, frankly, we don’t deserve it.

Embracing the ‘crazy ex-girlfriend’

Feelings don’t just disappear after a breakup, and there shouldn’t be a time limit on their acceptability.

COVID-19 steals the spotlight from performance ensembles

We’re jigsaw pieces of the same ensemble that don’t quite fit as well as they used to. Cues and chord changes are lost in translation, and sometimes I just feel lost in general. 

The underground professorhood: A groundboi night school

In the early hours of the morning with the cover of darkness and the moon high in the sky, a community of animals met at the stoop of a groundhog hole on the hill beside Jackson Court.

What it takes to survive University quarantine

First impressions are extremely important, and my quarantine room made the worst one yet.