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Hillside, do the right thing

Hillside Market recently transitioned from plastic bags to paper ones. It was probably a stupid decision.

What Stan Lee really gave us

We can sling words about Grandpa Marvel all day ― visionary, salesman, genius, liar. But everyone agrees the artistic world…

Second queer ball allows free expression

For many, UR’s Queer Ball was a first chance to go to a dance as themselves.

Weyl advocates ‘radical liberalism’ in economic talk

Weyl visited UR to promote the ideas presented in the book. The visit included a Q&A session with those already familiar with the book and an evening talk for a wider audience.

Vigil honors Pittsburgh victims

“Community is the antithesis of hate,” he continued. “Antonym of division. Only in community do peace, wholeness, shalom have any meaning. All that's really required is that we show kindness. That we comfort one another.”

Clothesline project spreads domestic violence awareness

Two days later, on Thursday outside of the Goergen Athletic Center, the T-shirts were displayed.

Burgett Intercultural Center hosts memorial for its namesake

University President Richard Feldman initiated the memorial by speaking at length about Burgett. Feldman provided a retrospective about the man, emphasizing that Burgett always had an unwavering sense of control and composure.

What Netflix’s ‘Ghoul’ tells us about the future of film

Despite its marketing material, Netflix’s new miniseries “Ghoul” is not horror. It is, however, everything else. Where do I start…

Bangladesh, do the right thing

Bangladeshi government, you’re scared of the press’s check on you. But here’s the thing: You should be. You’ve got that part right.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ — When the trailer’s better than the movie

My relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is casual, at best. I engage with it a couple of times in a given year. But like most one-night stands, the MCU’s residue has lingered beyond a few hours.