UR Rising is a Campus Times podcast featuring the student activism on our campus and in our city, today and in decades past. Learn about the passion and work they’ve dedicated to not only inspiring change, but also setting it into motion.

Our first episode, “Two Sit-ins: A bird’s eye view of Black student activism,” is coming September 2021, available on all the major podcast platforms as well as the Campus Times website.




Podcast Production Team: An Nguyen, Sanghamitra Subba, Michael Vilakazi, Haven Worley, Efua Agyare-Kumi, and Wil Aiken

Video Production: Haven Worley

Protest Footage: Efua Agyare-Kumi

Artwork: Jane Pritchard


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A Note for Elena: I love having my words twisted

Nowhere in my article did I say men couldn’t be feminine, wear pastel colors, or dresses. But the article wasn’t about men. It was about why I loved being a woman.

Note on the Israel-Palestine Special Edition

Free and open discourse is the bedrock of a vibrant society, and we aimed to help contributors feel empowered to speak their minds with confidence.

Letter to the Editor: “Israel-Palestine from a Jewish staff member”

I am able to step back and disengage when I am not listening in good faith. I am also sorely aware that this ability is not afforded to Palestinians.