Editor’s note: Normally, the Campus Times doesn’t publish poetry. But these works were so moving, we felt it would complete our image as a morally emaciated, corrupt media outlet to withhold these from the public. Don’t get us wrong, we still are, but at least now we have poetry. Enjoy! 


A Precipitatory Limerick 

I was on my way to The Pit,

Wet pavement, my food and I bit.

     The next day I snooped,

     Right after I pooped,

My god, there’s a worm in my shit!



Rainworm rhyme

My name is Worm,

I like to squirm.

And when it rains,

I lose my brains.

I leave the ground,

Slick sidewalk bound.

I like to wriggle

And make kids giggle.


Epitaphium Lumbricus

Just yesterday,

A man walked by,

Who did not mean to make me die.

Without a look,

He trampled me,

And did not even even stop to see,

That now I’m dead,

From his wet boot,

Without so much as a salute.

You saw my death,

And yet stood by,

It did not even make you sigh. 

What does it mean,

To be a worm?

It means your life is quite short term.

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