To stem any risk of introducing COVID-19 to campus, UR is restricting all University-sponsored and University-supported domestic and international travel, UR Communications said in an email on Monday. 

Restricting University-sponsored domestic travel is a new addition to the UR’s travel policy. Previously, emails from UR indicated they restricted only sponsored international travel and recalled students who were studying abroad in China, South Korea, and Italy. 

Further measures have been announced in recent days as well. UR events must be limited to 100 people, UR Communications said. Athletic contests will continue, but without spectators. UR is preparing guidelines for remote work, the most recent email said, and exploring options for online instruction should that prove necessary.

UR updated guidelines over the weekend to adapt to the risk of transmission during spring break and growing concern over the spread of the virus in the US. Expect to hear more from UR in the next 48 hours, UR Communications said, as they provide more updates on policy and guidance for students. 

Students should be aware that the travel status of their spring break vacation spots may change as government regulations adapt to the spread of COVID-19, UR Communications said in an earlier email.

Updates on how UR is addressing COVID-19 issues can be found on the University’s COVID-19 website and emails from UR Communications.

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