The Ticket:

Jamal Holtz, Class of 2020 (If elected, will be first black SA president in two decades)

Anne Marie Cortes, Class of 2020




  • Currently serve as SA Vice President, and served as SA Senator from 2016-2018.
  • Proposed and passed bill to create minority student affairs liaison—as vice president, appointed the first minority student affairs liaison.
  • Led first culture night themed “all around the world” to connect cultural groups and honor Paul Burgett.
  • Lead Historic Safe Ride Project that includes a mobile app, something I have been working on since I was a senator.
  • Launched President and Vice President Luncheons to connect with student organizations.
  • Current Administration worked with library staff to increase calculators and chargers.
  • Led Gender Waiver Working Group to create a more inclusive campus and creating educational opportunities.
  • Hosted SA’s first basketball tournament sponsored by chipotle and insomnia cookies.
  • Established the Student Advisory Committee to the University President. Includes students from the different colleges within the UofR (Eastman, med center, warner, business school, etc).

Anne Marie

  • Currently serves as on Executive Cabinet as ED of Campus Services, and served as SA Senator.
  • Implemented free printing credit for students starting fall 2019.
  • Instituted lifetime funding for tampons and pads initiative.
  • Worked with transportation committee to revamp the green line following 2017-18 resolution as a senator.
  • Worked with Administrators and SA to fund winter and spring break shuttles.


Three proposals:

  • Establish a Presidential Advisory Council to the SA President. This council will be “ex-officio” members of student government and will consist of membership of 30-40 students—including students that come from different backgrounds; race, sexuality, gender, club affiliation, class year, etc.  Body of people will advise and create policy for the SA president to enact.
  • We want to work to create a process that deflects students from paying this high fine by an outside contractor. We want to work with administrators to build a capital cost that can purchase MERT (who are trained professionals) an ambulance vehicle. We also can seek funds that can help cover cost of students being billed that are transported to the hospital.
  • We want to work with partners and organizations to create a process for student groups who lack resources to put on impactful programs. Through this funding stream; we want organizations who receive this funding to co-sponsor with other organizations they typically don’t sponsor with, but yet create a program that fosters greater impact. The goal is to promote organizational co-sponsorship—so groups who co-sponsor with each other can create impactful events and can access funding for that.





Other candidate profiles:

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