Last Monday, the SA discussed a need for more engagement with President Richard Feldman, a new system for class registration, and the Legislative Committee’s respective current projects and activities.

At the meeting, held in the Gowen Room, there seemed to be consensus that the president needed to make himself more approachable. Senator and junior Jacob Wheeler said it would be nice to see the president around campus, as in other universities.

The idea of having a lunch or small meetings where a handful of students chose or volunteer to converse with the sitting president was considered during the meeting. Another SA member agreed, stating that this would be less intimidating than a town hall.

Also discussed was UR Student, a new system for class registration that the University is anticipated to unveil in July of 2019.

This new platform seeks to remove the physical paperwork students have to do for class registration and major declaration. Rather, it would be a single destination for all academic oversight.

It would also theoretically remove the need to submit a major declaration when a student’s listed prospective classes contradict with the classes said student ends up taking.

In addition, the current projects and activities of each Legislative Committee were shared to attendees during the meeting.

The Academic Affairs Committee is looking into possibly expanding the gender studies major, as well as requirements for majors across the board that can be improved.

Additionally, the Administration and Review Committee is looking for new applicants (all interested parties can go to the SA website for more information).

Meanwhile, the Executives have new projects in the works.

A motion that was passed and approved appointed Mia Leonard to examine the events of SA Government during the previous week — known as the Minutes of the week  — and is now on the SA website.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about the new SA Government Instagram account, which it encouraged students to follow.

The next SA meeting will be held at 8 p.m. in the Gowen Room on Sept. 17.

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