The acapella culture that has blossomed on campus for years becomes endlessly more prominent with each passing show and performance. The all-female group Vocal Point, established in 1969, has gained popularity and grown in talent each and every year.

The group promised magic and wizardry in its fall  “A Very Potter Show” and did not disappoint. Sticking to this theme, Vocal Point sold stickers in the days leading up to the event, mostly of “Harry Potter”-themed groundhogs. The group also released a “Harry Potter in 90 Seconds” preview on Facebook, which was fun and decently accurate.

From beginning to end, the show brought smiles to faces and incredible music to ears. Some of the songs were ones that Vocal Point has used time and time again to get students hooked, such as “Stay” by Zedd and “It Ain’t Me” by Kygo. Each song, arranged by a different member, was new and inviting, not so much so that it was unrecognizable, but enough so that each one was transformed.

The repertoire the group compiled was fun and creative, combining both upbeat dance songs, some old favorites, and a couple songs to tug at your heartstrings. From Nick Jonas’ “Champagne Problems” to Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” you couldn’t help but love every second. “Hollow” by Kiah Victoria was my personal favorite, sung by sophomore Lilo Blank. What makes or breaks an acapella piece is entirely the arrangement and the soloist, and that piece had a great arrangement sung by a voice that fit it well. “Say You Won’t Let Go” was also quite a hit, making me immediately wish I could listen to it on repeat. The soloist’s serene voice and the amazing harmonies that filled Strong Auditorium on not only this song but every song made for two hours of escape.

“Double Trouble” seemed to be the absolute best way to introduce the new voices of the group. Freshmen Lia Rodriguez, Catherine Seo, and Shivi Gunawardane opened the show demonstrating exactly why they were welcomed into the group. Some of the performances could be considered as good or perhaps even better than the original songs. “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” sung by the alumni, and the interludes from PASApella were definitely highlights of the show, offering almost a “Pitch Perfect” moment for the audience.

The University of Rochester is in love with its highly esteemed acapella groups, and Vocal Point proves again and again they are more than worthy to be considered exceptional against any and all competition.

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