Meeting Date: 2/13/17

Top take

  • Speaker of the Senate Lindsay Wrobel met with senior Stephen Wegman over the past week, and an ultimatum was issued.

  • Wegman and other students spoke to the SA Senate on Jan. 30 requesting fraternities, sororities, a cappella groups, and club sports be sanctioned and stripped of SA support due to an alleged violation of Article V of the SA Constitution.

  • Wegman said he plans to appeal to the All-Campus Judicial Council unless an answer is received from ARC Chair Alex Guerrero by Feb. 20.

  • Senators divided over whether an appeal would be justified.

  • Wrobel quoted Wegman as saying that he would “look the other way” regarding the matter if SA were to drop its review of the club sports and a capella groups named on Jan. 30.

  • Guerrero explained that he is working with SA adviser Anne-Marie Algier and Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs John DiSarro to assess SA’s connection to Greek life.

  • Senate expressed interest in creating a survey for the student body on this issue.

Other bits

  • SA Senate discussed a response to Campus Times article “5K Challenge raises questions of missteps.”

  • Senators divided on degree of response—some wanted a general Senate response while others wanted no written response to be made.

  • Senate agreed that senators are free to write a response to the article individually.

  • Senate leadership will meet with the finalists quoted by Campus Times in the article.


  • SA Vice President Lance Floto is working on the implementation of the 5K Challenge winner, the Pads and Tampons Initiative.

  • SA President Vito Martino will be trying to get voting power on the UR Board of Trustees.

  • The Presidential Diversity Council held its first meeting on Monday, Feb. 13 to discuss implicit bias training.

  • SA is compiling a list of female science and engineering professors.

  • ARC reminds students that all new organization proposals must be submitted by noon on Mar. 1.

  • Rochester Rhythmic Voices granted SA recognition.

  • SA Senator Dan Matthews looking into fixing up unused Spurrier Hall space for student storage.

  • Mili Garcia appointed as Associate Director for Community Engagement.

  • Julie Woodward appointed Legislative Adviser to Academic Affairs Committee.

  • Resolution for “Maintaining open and regular communication with the student body” passed.


  • Charges SA Senate to have more events to communicate with students.

Next meeting

  • Monday, February 20, at 8:00 p.m. in the Gowen Room

    (Correction 2/22/17: This post incorrectly titled Rebecca Mooney and Jordan Smith as senators. They are former senators.

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