Meeting date: 2/6/17

Top take

  • Magnus Opus Rochester Entrepreneurs (MORE) appealed the Administration and Review Committee (ARC) decision to not grant preliminary status to the full SA Senate.

  • This followed the dismissal of the appeal as announced at last week’s SA Meeting.

  • MORE argued that its operations were different than those of Meliora Launchpad, a startup club on campus, the Simon School and the Anes Center for Entrepreneurship. MORE also argued that ARC overstepped its authority as outlined in SA documents, including the ARC Policy and Procedure Manual.

  • ARC argued that MORE violated the uniqueness principle that was part of the criteria for consideration of granting a new student organization preliminary status.

  • Senate had three options: overturn the ARC decision and grant MORE preliminary status, uphold the ARC decision to not grant preliminary status, or send the appeal back to ARC for additional review, which could have included an exception for a violation of a principle.

  • Senate voted 12–2–2 to uphold the ARC decision to not grant MORE preliminary status.

Other bits

  • UR Hellenic Dancers granted SA Recognition. The group is not restricted to performance; also plans to promote Greek culture on campus.

  • Resolution for “An Addition of an Accessibility Checklist as a Guide When Registering Events” passed.

  • Approved “Senate Statement addressing Student Concerns of Potentially Noncompliant SA Organizations.”

  • Senator Leif Johansen appointed to ARC.

  • Former Senator Rebecca Mooney appointed to Campus Services Committee.

  • Former Senator Jordan Smith appointed to Campus Services Committee.

  • Senator Josh Pachter appointed to Student Life Committee.

  • Senator Cindy Molina appointed to Student Life Committee.

  • Senator Dan Pak appointed to Campus Services Committee.

  • Kanupriya Agarwal appointed Student Organization Analyst for ARC.

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