River Campus Libraries is looking to replace the booth tables in Evans Lam Square, just one of a suite of changes to the recently renovated space in response to mixed, but generally positive, student reactions.

In addition to swapping the tables—which students had complained were too small for the booths—Assistant Dean of Academic Engagement Rochelle Mazar said River Campus Libraries (RCL) is planning to add more digital and physical signage to the area, display student artwork in the space’s instructional suites, and address table placement relative to power outlets.

Lam Square, renovated over the summer, reopened on Aug. 24. Some of the most major changes were a tripling of the amount of seating and the installation of different seating areas. All-gender restrooms were also installed in the hallway between Lam Square and Gleason Library.

Many of the changes were made in response to student feedback on the popular study space.

Some, though, had concerns after the remodeling about the “Apple Store”–feel of certain parts of the space.

The project is still considered to have been a success by RCL.

RCL staff noted that there is a general evolution of the people present in Lam Square throughout the day. In the mornings, it is a popular spot for individual workers and studiers. By the mid-to-late afternoon, Lam Square is busy with students working on assignments and studying in groups.

One of the biggest changes both library staff and students noticed was that Lam Square felt like a more inclusive environment. Previously, groups would seem to claim tables as their own space. Several students noted how this trend has virtually disappeared since the new Lam Square opened.

Students with feedback are encouraged to attend the monthly Library Student Forum meetings to make their voices heard about programming at and changes to the libraries on campus.

“We believe that Lam Square has been a success evidenced by the many positive comments we are receiving and the amount of use it is getting,” Dean of River Campus Libraries Mary Ann Mavrinac said. “Evans Lam Square evolved from student feedback, and we continue to address issues expressed by students that are typical of a large project such as this.”

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