In 2007, I would have told you that Britney Spears was terrible. The sound of her fembot voice grotesquely compressed against some square wave frequency was everything that sounded like dystopia at the time. What was lacking there? Real soul, real meaning, not just some crippled altar dripping with fructose and pink slime. Yeah, things may not feel dystopian yet, but if they’re not, why is Britney Spears here with this laser beam on me?

Now it is 2016, and I’ve listened to Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale” and a little bit of “Blackout” almost every day for the past month. What once repelled me like some sort of insect on a stick is now a divine thing. Britney Spears speaks the truth. How could she not? She exists. She is an instrument, a brand, a beauty, and a truth. Everything sublime and godly in one form. And, as I am eternally thankful for this life, Britney Spears is included in the ride.

It is with this wisdom of trash becoming beauty, bright neon signs and gaudy textures transforming into some immaculate crystalline structure in the foreseeable future, that I can approach the YouTube channel “Good Mythical Morning” with a sensation of reverence and enjoyment. The thing is, Good Mythical Morning is one of those YouTube channels where the snapshot of the video gives strong vibes of it being of low intellectual value. The titles of the videos are usually lists about the “weirdest” of some things or the “craziest” of some other things.

But Good Mythical Morning is actually a great channel. It is run by two guys, Rhett and Link, and their camaraderie as friends is enchanting. They talk about random things and the way they converse about them isn’t even that unique, it’s just enjoyable to watch. I think my favorite video of theirs is where Rhett and Link quiz each other on prison slang. Also good is the video where they talk about strange summer camps that actually exist. The dynamic between these two guys is very reminiscent of radio shows, particularly “Car Talk.” It gives you a sense that they have been very close friends for a long time, and it’s very relaxing to watch.

What I’m getting at with this unfocused article is that Rhett and Link show the simple beauty behind simple things. Simplicity in 2016 isn’t a horse-drawn carriage, though. Simple is the five grossest foods you never knew existed. Simple is the Top 10 board games with strangely sexual innuendos hidden within them. This is the new simplicity, the new peanut butter and jelly, in all its yellow and red glory, bloodshot eyes, and “Goosebumps” slime. Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty in the new pop trash, but Rhett and Link do a really good job of making it inviting and clear. Check out literally any one of their videos, and you might find yourself watching more.

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