UR Baseball split their double-header against Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Red Hawks, moving to an overall record of 7–7. The Yellowjackets lost to the St. John Fisher College Cardinals the following Wednesday.

During the first game against RPI on sunday, UR scored at least once in each inning of game play, pacing them to a 10–1 win. Sophomore pitcher John Ghyzel performed excellently on the mound, allowing five hits, one run, and striking out 12 batters.  (13 strikeouts is the UR record for single-game strikeouts.)

The Yellowjackets scored single runs in the first, second, third, and sixth innings; two runs in the fourth inning; and an impressive four runs in the fifth inning. Seniors Matt Todd and Dan Warren had two runs and one RBI each. Nolan Schultz, Steve Eychner, Aiden Finch, and Jack Herman each had one run. Schultz, Eychner, Herman, Pete Carrier, and Grant Kilmer had one RBI each, while Finch had two. Also, Senior Jake Meyerson completed two runs.

The second game began differently. RPI scored twice in the first inning. UR responded with three runs of their own, and followed with another in the second inning to push the score to 4–2. Then, RPI broke out in the seventh inning, scoring six runs to the ‘Jacket’s two. RPI scored once more in the eighth inning, ending the game with the score 10–6.

In the second matchup, Jake  Meyerson had two runs and one RBI. Todd hit two doubles and scored two runs, and Finch scored three runs. Sophomore Luke Meyerson pitched four innings in game two, scattering eight hits and three runs. He had a strike out, as did sophomore reliever Michael Lee and freshman reliever Kevin Ho.

Against St. John Fisher, UR got off to a cold start, going scoreless in the first three innings to Fisher’s two. Jake  Meyerson and Schultz got things going in the fourth inning scoring one run each; however, Fisher scored three runs in the fourth. UR was scoreless during the fifth and sixth innings. Then, the Cardinals took off in the sixth inning with five runs and three RBIs. The score stood 10-2 upon the conclusion of the sixth inning. Rochester was scoreless again in the seventh inning, while Fisher had five runs. Both teams were scoreless in the eighth and ninth innings. Eychner and Finch had one RBI each. The game ended in a Cardinal victory of 14-2.

The ‘Jackets will take on St. Lawrence University this Friday at home.


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