The snowstorm of February 2016 will always be remembered by UR students. Whatever your reason may be—frustration that classes weren’t all canceled, a day full of sledding, or a date with Netflix—it certainly wasn’t a day to forget about.

Our lives halted last Tuesday, it was a nice change of pace for a paltry 24 hours. On Wednesday, we returned to normalcy. In the eyes of one student, however, this seems like child’s play. He took it upon himself to go above and beyond the literal definition of the word “sedentary.”

Freshman Tony Torres set a new personal best last week for the consecutive hours he spent in his dorm, without going outside once. He obliterated his old record of 54 hours with a historic 88 hour masterpiece. The run stretched from Saturday night until Wednesday.

“I’ve been really focused on tuning my technique and doing all the right things to prepare myself for this moment,” Torres said. “I’m honored to have set the school record, but I wholeheartedly have my sights set on the 100-hour mark before year’s end.”

Many students around campus see it as an unfair disadvantage that Torres lives in Sue B. A friend of the new school record holder (who wished to remain anonymous) echoed that sentiment.

“I live on the Quad, so I have to walk to get my basic survival needs,” Torres’ friend commented.  “Tony’s got it made living over there in Sue B. Having Hillside at his disposal is the key to success. Well, that, and having all the keys.”

Another point of interest was Torres’ diet during the incredible streak. Hillside keeps Torres on a monthly tab due to his erratic spending habits.

“I bought Hillside out of pizza rolls, cheese poofs, and Glacial Freeze gatorade.” said Torres. “The essentials are all you really need to stay strong.”

He went to Danforth only five times during his four day sag, opting to stay in his room for most of his meals.

This week, Torres has shifted his focus back to academics. He frequents the red sleeping pod in the quiet section of Gleason, because it’s where he feels most productive. His friends say that they wouldn’t be shocked if he camped out there for a few nights.
Nowadays, endurance sports aren’t getting as much publicity as the flashy mainstream sports do. Athletes like Tony Torres are few and far between. He has several companies contacting him about possible sponsorships, but was hesitant to share the details with the Campus Times.

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