The information that has come to light regarding the recent kidnapping and torture of two UR students shocked not only this campus, but the entire Rochester community. Their harrowing tale of abduction and survival is still difficult for many to swallow.

The CT applauds the efforts made by President Seligman and his administration for their transparency and the timeliness with which they shared information relevant to the situation with the student body.

Transparency is a crucial element to developing trust between anyone, let alone the administration and the student body. One only has to look to our own court system to witness the battle for increased transparency in everything from NSA probe records to police dash cams. As the inner workings of our government bodies become public, we should see this not as letting down our defenses, but as a step towards rebuilding American trust.

If we are to continue to move forward as a community in any respect, this sort of dedication to bringing students into the light should continue.

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