An off-campus UR student who allegedly orchestrated a robbery of four drug dealers in Brooks Crossing was arrested and charged with multiple felonies on Saturday, Nov. 28.

According to UR Department of Public Safety (DPS) Chief Mark Fischer, this student allegedly “dealt with, on a regular basis, four marijuana dealers in the city of Rochester. He called them, and had them come to Brooks Crossing, where three other individuals that he had conspired with then robbed those four individuals.”

It is unknown how the student, who lives off-campus, gained entry to Brooks Crossing. After he got into the building, Fischer said, the student let the four drug dealers in and they all headed up to the seventh floor. A few minutes later, the three individuals who committed the robbery were let in by a student who was exiting the building.

“The three individuals who committed the robbery were a few minutes behind them and burst into the room while they were allegedly conducting a drug deal,” Fischer explained. “There was physical force used.”

While no students were injured, one of the drug dealers was struck in the head with a hammer and another person was struck with what was believed to be a candle. Both victims were transported to Strong Memorial Hospital, and were treated and released. There were no significant injuries.

The student was arrested and charged with two counts of robbery, two counts of assault and two counts of grand larceny for a total of six felonies, Fischer said. The criminal case is being investigated by the Rochester Police Department, and the student, who made his $15,000 bail, was suspended from UR.

Fisher cautioned students, “Unless you know for a fact that the individual is a student and is supposed to be in the residence hall, don’t hold the door. Let the person who’s behind you use their own ID. If you can’t avoid letting someone in the building just because you’re going out and they grab it from you but you know that they don’t belong in the building, give Public Safety a call and we’ll come over and check it out.”

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