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Ford, a senior on women’s volleyball, is leading the team in kills this season. This is her second consecutive year as the leader in kills, and last year, she also had the most kills per set, total attempts and service aces. 

1. What led you to start playing volleyball, and how long have you been playing?

I started playing because my older brothers both played in school. I enjoyed watching them play and then playing myself after they taught me. I started playing in seventh grade for school and on a travel team the same year, so this is my tenth year playing on a competitive team. But, like I said, I was exposed to the sport a few years earlier.

2. As a senior and the team leader in kills, how do you work to motivate your teammates?

I personally am very motivated by competition, so I try to make my teammates excited and motivated to compete as well. I know everyone doesn’t always share the same drive or motivation, so I also focus on encouraging and supporting my teammates throughout matches. Even when the team or an individual is down, it keeps everyone positive and confident, which is incredibly important in winning a volleyball match.

3. How have you worked to improve throughout your career at UR?

I have switched my position a few times to fit the needs of the team. Because of this, I focused a lot on understanding the proper techniques for each of these positions so that, as I practiced and developed at the collegiate level, I wouldn’t develop bad habits along with these new skills. I also spent a lot of time watching film, practicing and working out during the off-season.

4. What is your most memorable volleyball moment?

In college, my most memorable moment was the regional tournament last season. We went undefeated and played the best we had that whole season in order to beat some very competitive teams. Overall, going to state championships with my high school team was definitely the highlight of my career.

5. What do you hope to accomplish in the rest of the season?

For the rest of the season, we would like to finish in the top four in the UAA Championships, which we will host the second weekend of November. If we accomplish that and finish off the season strong, our hopes would be to get a bid to the NCAA tournament, which we have not gotten while I was here (and, I believe, for a long time before). Personally, I would like to get over 300 kills this season.

6. Would you rather ride a roller coaster with Bernie Sanders or Emma Watson?

Emma Watson!

Douglas is a member of the class of 2017.

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