’Twas the night before midterms, and all through the dorms,

Not a student was Netflixing, against weekly norms.

The notebooks were held by students with care,

“What time is this test? And do I know where?”

Hours and hours to prepare for the day,

In hopes that come grading, they’re given an A.

While visions of failure danced in their heads,

Doubts come around, “have I learned what I read?”

Exams are approaching, nerves start to kick in,

“Will skipping that reading be my last fatal sin?”

No matter the essay they know they’re prepared.

So if all else fails, they’ll know that they cared.

“Will I finish in time?” some students ask,

“Or will completing the test be too tough a task?”

Fear of not being ready is the side that they lean,

Orgo? They’d rather not, they’d prefer the guillotine.

Regardless, tomorrow the midterms will come,

No matter the grade, they can’t wait ’till it’s done.

’Tis the season for Gleason, we study away,

Four hours gone by, oh my, what a stay.

The time has come to test preperation,

No going back now, no late resignation.

There’s still some hope, so I’ll bring it to light-

“Good luck on your midterms, and sleep well tonight!”

 Horgan is a member of
the class of 2017.

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