As the winter draws nearer, I find it increasing harder to get out of bed in the morning. If you are new to Rochester and are curious about how bad the weather can get, take it from me when I tell you that it gets pretty damn cold. So cold that by the time I get to class, I need to let my hands de-thaw under hot water. So windy that professors ask me why I’m crying so much. I haven’t even gotten my tests results back yet. However, that was when I was a freshman living on the quad and I was only a stone’s throw away from the tunnels. Nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of making it to the tunnels. Well, maybe not the best feeling in world. Beating the curve, eating from the pit without experiencing gastrointestinal problems, or having your morning class cancelled may still take the cake. Honestly, even as a sophomore, I still devise strategies with the sole purpose of limiting my exposure to the cold. This year, I live significantly further from my classes, so devising a plan is more time-consuming.

If I thought that the change to upperclassmen housing was bad before, now I’m having trouble even getting out of bed because I just invested in a tempurpedic mattress. The other day, I considered sending  temperpedic a letter airing my grievances. I wanted to include things like “I was very dissatisfied with your product because it is so comfortable that it prevents me from actually getting out of bed.” I swear that LifeAlert should make a commercial targeted toward college kids with the slogan, “Help, I’ve woken and can’t get up.” Now I feel the pain that the old lady goes through while she is lying on the ground waiting for help to arrive. My friends tell me that I don’t need the extra sleep because I can “sleep when I’m dead.” Well, I guess I picked a good dorm room because there is a view of the cemetery. I went to the doctor the other day asking for some advice on my lack of motivation to get up in the morning. The doctor said to “Get some rest and you’ll be fine.”

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