I was four when the Bills last made the playoffs. It was a time when people listened to Sony Walkmans, printed out or looked at a physical map for directions, saved files to a floppy disk, and blew on their N64 cartridges. There’s no such thing as a bandwagon Bills fan. They’ve had their downs and downs but fans still remain loyal. And the crazy thing is, the Bills are on pace to have more wins than the Sabres this year. To fellow Bills fans, I say enjoy it while it lasts, because the Bills have started off well before. And like the show “Lost”, their season didn’t necessarily end well. Ultimately, the Bills are preparing to give a solid effort next week. The highly anticipated game will feature a good defense, a good offense, and the San Diego Chargers. Hopefully the Bills send an early message by tackling Philip Rivers right at the coin flip. My final advice to the Bills: don’t over-pass, and don’t over-run, because the Chargers might anticipate one of those two things. The Chargers have no chance of taking the crowd out the game this Sunday, unless they put a blockade around Ralph Wilson Stadium. A Bills’ victory would be a fantastic way to start off the week.

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Fringe Festival belly dance performances: Desert Rhythms and Dylaina Alexandria

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