Aaron Schaffer, Photo Editor

An objective study released by the Office of the Dean of Students asserts that UR Concerts, the student organization whose role is to bring musical performers to campus, has the worst taste of any funded group by the UR Student Association. The study’s objectivity was authenticated by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Tuesday morning. UR Public Safety has also put their support behind the study.

The study comes on the heels of UR Concerts’ decision to bring Busta Rhymes and the Plain White T’s to the University in consecutive school years. The Plain White T’s are most well-known for their appearance on the popularly syndicated Nickelodeon television show “iCarly”. The group’s performance will likely be the closest link between many UR students and iCarly. However, that does not seem like a valid enough reason for students to show up.

“I want to get closer to iCarly, at least on an intellectual and psychological level,” said freshman Frank Hinson. “But I’m not sure that I can do it if that means sitting through a set of incredibly mainstream pop”.

The decision to bring the Plain White T’s was widely criticized on campus. “They are so 2008 #HeyThereDelilah,” said one UR student on the event’s Facebook page. Nevertheless, tens of people have already bought their tickets for the concert at the Common Market.

The expected attendance will be a step up from that of the “Busta Rhymes Debacle of 2013,” in which Busta Rhymes came to campus to a crowd consisting only of members of UR Concerts.

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