1. On Friday, Feb 7, Public Safety Officers received reports of an erratic driver on campus. Officers located the vehicle in Intercampus Lot after it stopped. The driver was identified as an undergraduate student. A parking representative was also on scene and observed the reckless driving. The student admitted to running a stop sign on Library Road at a very high speed and then continuing on towards Intercampus Drive. The student stated he was having some personal issues and was frustrated. The student was told that his driving was not safe for others. No tickets were issued, and the student was warned about driving carefully in the future.

Student tries to steal egg rolls

2. On Monday, Feb.10,  Public Safety Officers responded to the Pit in Wilson Commons after reports of petty larceny of food. Upon arrival, the officers learned that a student had taken four egg rolls without paying for them. The student was stopped by staff after attempting to bypass the cash registers without paying. The student at first denied taking anything. When staff asked about what was in his backpack, the student showed the egg rolls he had taken. The student was cooperative with officers and agreed to pay for the egg rolls. Staff declined to press charges for the theft. The student was warned and sent on his way.

Eastman School of Music main door propped open

3. On Monday, Feb. 10, staff arriving to work at Messenger Hall at the Eastman School of Music reported finding the main door propped open. A Public Safety Officer responded and did a thorough check of the building. No one was found inside and nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Staff were advised to call if they found anything missing or out of place.

Phone stolen after left in bathroom for 15 minutes 

4. On Friday, Feb 7, a Public Safety Officer responded to Wilder Tower after receiving reports of a stolen cell phone. The owner of the phone stated that she had left the phone in a restroom on the third floor of Meliora Hall the day before. The phone had been left in the restroom for only fifteen minutes, but when she returned, it was gone. The owner checked with staff in the area and the phone could not be located. The owner called the phone several times but the phone had been turned off. A police report was filed for the phone.

Ramos is a member of the class of 2015.

Information provided by UR Public Safety.

The crowd went (mildly) wild for Brenda Song’s Yellowjacket Weekend panel

While attendance was low, those who did show up seemed pretty engaged, with many lining up to ask questions during the half hour Q&A portion of the event.

Notes by Nadia: More accommodations, please

I’ve compiled a short list of ways that the University could become more accommodating.

The Demonic Nature of Innovative Technology

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