Watching the Grammys is sort of like going to the circus: the performances are risky, the costumes are ridiculous, and no matter what happens, everybody’s still just a clown. Just like after they bring out the elephants at the big top, when its all over somebody’s got to go out there and clean up all the shit. Being the humble music journalist that I am, I guess it’s my job to get shoveling. Here’s my take on the 2014 Grammy awards.

Daft Punk gets lucky

In the words of my mother, “What were those robots doing at the Grammys?” In all seriousness however, what exactly was their role in the live performance of “Get Lucky?” It seemed to me like Pharrell “Bucket Hat” Williams and company did most of the work… Regardless of that and the title of this section, Daft Punk was probably among the most deserving of the winners on Sunday.

Taylor Swift hit with “Arrow,” left seeing “Red”

While Taylor Swifts performance of “All Too Well” was genuine and passionate, it seemed technically sloppy compared to newcomer Kacey Musgrave’s adorable performance of “Follow Your Arrow.” Musgrave trumped Swift in two catagories taking home Best Country Album for “Same Trailer Different Park.” Swift had better step up her game in order to continue to compete for my affection.

Classic artists take big categories

One of the more annoying aspects of the Grammys is the show’s persistent pandering to the time-honored musical greats, as if paying consistent homage to the universally renowned will maintain the legitimacy of the awards through any questionable selections The Recording Academy may make. Keeping with tradition, the 2014 Grammys saw Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath winning, deservedly or not.

Thirty-four couples agree to wed in a sports arena

One of the most moving (albeit controversial) performances of the night was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love.” Macklemore’s rap was flawless, and the post-song wedding ceremony was as beautiful as a 30-second wedding in the Staples Center can possibly get.

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Riseup with Riseman

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