What is your major?

Double majoring in political science and health policy.


Why did you choose the University of Rochester?

I chose the U of R because of its academic reputation but more so because of my recruiting visit. I spent seven hours in Gleason with former players Jackie Walker, Kristyn Wright, and Amy Woods where I learned how to play sporcle and realized the team was just as nerdy as me.


What’s your favorite part about being on the team?

Sharing jokes with the team that will never get old.


What’s your favorite part about attending the University of Rochester?   

Besides getting a rock solid education, my favorite part about the U of R is spending time my friends.


What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Win one game at a time.


What is your favorite memory so far as a member of the basketball team?

My favorite mem

ory was being able to play in Barbados.


Who has been your best mentor as a basketball player?

My parents have been my best mentors…they don’t sugar coat their opinions or suggestions about how I should play.


Which team in the UAA would you say is your team’s biggest rival?

Every team in the UAA is a rival. Each one is competitive and challenging in their own particular way which is why it’s such a great conference.


Chtchekine is a member of 

the class of 2016.

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