Within the upcoming week, the Students’ Association (SA) Senate will endorse Super Summer Storage, an alternative storage company option for students interesting in packing and leaving belongings in Rochester over the summer break.

The company, run by UR alumnus Antonio Calascibetta ’12 and his brother Carmelo, will offer a 10 percent discount to students who store with them.

“Last year when I was campaigning, something I looked into was more viable storage options for students,” SA president Shilpa Topudurti said. “The units you buy aren’t very conducive to the schedule of college students.”

In response, the SA Projects and Services Committee reached out to local businesses, asking if they could incentivize their storage options for students in return for an SA endorsement and therefore more publicity on campus. They ended up landing a deal with Super Summer Storage.

Soon, students will be able to find the 10 percent discount coupon on the SA page listing services for UR students.

The company is ideal for college students with items that wouldn’t necessarily fill a full storage unit, and caters specifically to students at UR and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Students schedule their own pick-up and delivery dates, and can even get free boxes from the company. Items are picked up directly from students’ dormitory buildings.

Storage is charged either per item or per box, an option that tends to be cheaper for students who may not have enough belongings to fill a full storage unit. A standard dorm-size fridge, for example, is stored for $28 for the summer, prior to discounts.

In addition to the 10 percent UR-student discount, customers can get a five percent discount for referrals and a 10 percent discount for boxing the items to be stored with roommates, which saves the Calascibetta’s on pick-up and delivery costs.

“I graduated from [UR] less than two years ago,” Calascibetta said. “We try to be reasonable.”

The company is still new, and has only had its official website for a year. They first stored students’ items in Summer 2011 after Calascibetta had a conversation that prompted him to innovate.

“I was procrastinating from studying for a Chemistry 204 final,” he said. “I was talking to two friends who were frustrated because there was no easy, convenient way for them to store their things. I called up my brother Marco with the storage idea. It’s what I’d call productive procrastination.”

They first started storing students’ belongings in Summer 2011. Now, they have a complete website, a new warehouse,  and a larger vehicle to accommodate the increased demand.

Topudurti expects the endorsement to be beneficial for both UR students and Super Summer Storage: students have a more efficient storage option, and Super Summer Storage has an endorsement from the campus community.

Remus is a member of the class of 2016.

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