On Thursday, Oct. 10, the administration learned of the death of Samuel Freeling, an undergraduate in the College. Freeling was found in his off-campus apartment, and University officials cited that his death did not appear to involve foul play. President Seligman sent a newsletter out to all students informing them of the incident.

Freeling was a senior pursuing a business major. He was 21-years old.

Senior John Bernstein, friend and former Track & Field teammate with Freeling, expressed how exceptional of an individual Freeling was.

“Sam was a gifted runner and student, but at the same time humble in both these areas and always eager to improve,” he said. “On and off the track, he was one of the most supportive individuals I’ve met.”

On Saturday, October 16, the University flag flew at half-staff in honor of Freeling. His funeral was held last week in Great Valley, N.Y. Moreover, a track in his hometown will be dedicated in his honor.

Following the tragedy, the administration sent a statement to students following up with information regarding ways in which members of the community can respond to the news. They expressed the importance of making use of the CARE Network, a program which exists to identify students who may be experiencing trouble.

In addition, students may contact Denise Yarbrough, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, if they wish to organize a remembrance service or program — Freeling’s parents expressed interest in attending such an event.

Hinson is a member of the class of 2016.

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