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Kodak Hall has hosted some of the best classical musicians in the world, but it has never before hosted the likes of Pulitzer Prize-winning Dave Barry, best known for his countless books and satirical column in the Miami Herald.

For someone with such a long, illustrious career, Barry walked onto the stage in a nonchalant, casual manner. The 66-year old looked out of place behind the podium — usually reserved for speeches by the deans of Eastman — wearing clean-cut jeans and a navy blazer.

His jokes were very clever and, for the most part, fairly clean. The show was advertised as being “censored” and “kid-friendly,” but the jokes were positively geared towards adults. He talked about living in Miami, raising his kids, and “some random stories.”

He also talked about particularly noteworthy articles he had written such as his piece about a beached whale blown up by dynamite or the sewage-lift plant in North Dakota dedicated in his name after he published a particularly harsh article ridiculing the state.

One of the most memorable stories from the night was about his day driving the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile around Miami. His first destination in the bright orange hot dog car was the local middle school to pick up his son. According to Barry, he parked behind all the minivan moms and used the intercom on the vehicle to call out, “Rob Barry, please report to the Wiener Mobile!”

After seeing the show, I may try to find some of Barry’s books as Christmas gifts for my parents. Though I found him funny, I’m sure that my baby-boomer parents would find him piss-in-your-pants hilarious.

Sanguinetti is a member of the class of 2015.

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