AMC’s drama “Breaking Bad”   has gained massive popularity over the years, but with mainstream popularity comes an epidemic of “faking fans.”

According to actor Bryan Cranston, a faking fan is someone who finds the show entertaining but fails to comprehend basic plot points, jumps between episodes, or even picks up the show at season five… the second half.

“Do [faking fans] have even an inkling of what they’re doing?” Cranston said. “They’re just pathetic junkies, too stupid to understand simple, rudimentary [television].”

Typical questions asked by faking fans include “Why is Walt bald?” or “What’s this ricin thing they sometimes bring up?” or even “Who is this Jane person Walt said he watched die?”

As Sunday’s series finale approaches, Heisenberg fans are hoping it won’t be a slap across the face like “Dexter,” “Prison Break,” or “Seinfeld.”

Some, like University President Joel Seligman, believe that the UR should host two separate screenings, one for the faking fans and one for the real fans.

“These faking fans are like a cancer,” Seligman said. “Maybe their best course of action is to tread lightly.

One Reddit user predicted that before any action happens, show creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan will show Huell defecating himself in his apartment. The ensuing flurry of comments agreed that such a scene could serve as an appropriate foreshadowing for the filth and pain soon to be experienced by the neo-Nazis.

“Walt deserves his revenge, and the Nazis need to die,” senior Tuco Salamanca said. “Marie and Skyler commit suicide, and Walter Jr. eats a ricin-poisoned breakfast. Everyone wins.”

Borovcanin is a member of the class of 2014.

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