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Daft Punk is back. Gearing up for their newest album, the French electronic duo released their newest single last Friday, April 19. The track, titled “Get Lucky,” times in at just over four minutes long. The album version will reportedly  be around two minutes longer. Pharrell Williams, a member of N.E.R.D., provides leading vocals backed by singer-songwriter/guitarist/producer Nile Rogers, who has produced numerous number-one hits.

The song will no doubt be on the top of summer playlists worldwide. The song represents a new direction for Daft Punk, one that is no doubt controversial among hardcore fans. The song has elements of funk and new-wave disco that evokes nostalgia in the best way possible. The song represents a new start, one that will hopefully be backed up by the band’s full-length LP, “Random Access Memories,” which is set to be released next month. The list of collaborations on the album are an orgy of who’s who in modern music, including Panda Bear (from Animal Collective) and Julian Casablancas (from The Strokes).

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