Melody Kaohu, Presentation Editor

Contractors began the extensive construction plan on roadways surrounding the River Campus on March 20. Investigative work will end on April 10, and the construction work will begin soon after, continuing through the summer.

The multi-phase project, called “Access 390,” aims to address rush hour congestion and will be in progress through 2014.

The major construction work will be done at locations not directly on campus, but on Kendrick Rd. near the entrance to lot 3, entrances to lots 1 and 11, areas along Castleman Road between Lattimore Road and Crittenden Boulevard, and along Crittenden Boulevard near the Golisano Children’s Hospital.

The work will consist of road excavation, surveying, and restoration that will determine the specific location of certain underground utility lines.

In areas of heavy traffic there will be maintenance and redirection of pedestrian and vehicle flow to ensure safety of both workers and commuters.

To minimize traffic congestion, the work on Kendrick and Crittenden will only occur on weekends.

A stretch of I-390 will be included in the renovation works. A one-mile stretch running from I-590 to the Genesee River, including the area surrounding Exits 16A and B, is often congested during rush hour. The utility surveying on Kendrick is among the first steps to be taken as part of the project.

Significant changes to the area will be undertaken. A modern roundabout will replace the intersection of Kendrick and East River roads.  A new I-390 ramp will be built near that area in the southbound direction.

Additionally, an auxiliary lane will be added to the I-390 southbound and I-590 northbound fork to facilitate period of high-volume traffic and to ensure safe merging.

Access 390 includes plans to provide a northbound I-390 ramp in the future as well as a project to widen the Kendrick Road overpass.

The plan will cost roughly $20 million and is expected to reach completion in late 2014.

Smith is a member of the class of 2014.

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