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Senior John Dibartolomeo has had an amazing four years at UR and is looking to end his college career on a high note. Among other awards, Dibartolomeo has been honored as First Team ALL-UAA, NABC All-American, and most recently, UAA Player of the Year. Considering playing overseas after he graduates, however, Dibartolomeo is focusing on the upcoming 2013 NCAA Championships this weekend.

What’s your major?
Financial economics.

Why did you choose UR?
My interest in UR didn’t start until I was recruited by the assistant coach at the time, Jim Driggs. Once I found out more about UR it was an easy decision because it was a great academic school with a good basketball tradition, which were two of the most important factors I looked for in a school.

When did you start playing basketball?
I’ve been playing basketball for as long as I can remember. My parents tell me I started when I was two-years old on a mini hoop.

Why basketball?
I tried a bunch of different sports growing up but always had the best time playing basketball. I think I found it the most fun because it was very active. Other sports like football and baseball had too many stops during games for me.

Do you have a mentor who has helped you get where you are?
I’ve had so many people help me throughout my time playing basketball from my parents, to coaches, to friends. It’s hard to say one person specifically was my mentor, but if I had to name someone, I’d have to say my brother because he’s the most supportive and positive person to me.

What is the best advice a coach has given you?
That basketball teaches you things beyond the sport and to try to take the most out of the game.

What has been your favorite basketball moment this season?
Even though it was during the middle of the year, it was a great accomplishment to be ranked first by d3hoops.com.

What has been your favorite basketball moment at UR?
Playing in and hosting the Sweet 16 my sophomore year.

What is the hardest part of basketball?
Dealing with frustration. It happens a lot during games where there is a stretch when things don’t go your teams’ way, and it’s hard to continue to stay positive enough to overcome their momentum and your struggles.

What are your individual goals for the remainder of the season?
Just to help our team play our best basketball of the season.

Team goals?
Win a NCAA tournament game and make a deep run in the tournament.

What are your future plans for basketball after college?
I’m hoping to play overseas somewhere.

What advice do you have for incoming players?
Enjoy college basketball because it’s an experience unlike any other.

    Kilbridge is a member of the class of 2015.

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