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Alex Kurland, Staff Illustrator

Was the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 good or bad? Many complain that Windows 8 is a horrible upgrade. The user interface is awful. You can’t navigate through anything. There’s many bugs within the operating system, key issues with connecting to Wi-Fi. I agree; when I first looked at Windows 8, I thought to myself, what did Microsoft do? How did they expect users to be happy with a complete overhaul in the design, especially for users who aren’t tech-savvy? While many criticize and bash the user interface for being an enigma, I view it in a different light.  The tech industry’s primary philosophy is innovation. Pushing technology to the foremost frontiers to change the way users interact with technology and the world around them. The Windows user interface has been stagnant for too long, and this massive upgrade demonstrates innovation. The look and feel of Windows 8 is sleek, modern, and powerful. The tiles with real-time information and multitasking capabilities let users raise productivity to new levels, especially for power users. If at anytime you’re sick of Windows 8, you can easily revert back to the familiar and trustworthy Windows 7 interface.

Many users become frustrated when something completely new is thrown in their faces. They let their feelings of anger and frustration guide their actions, and openly bash on Windows 8. It’s human nature to be resistant to change, and that’s where the criticism and negativity begin. I admit to being stubborn to changes in my life, but analyzing Windows 8 logically without emotions allows me to view this topic differently. People believe this drastic change is detrimental to the future of Microsoft and that Microsoft is grasping at straws to remain a prominent contender in the tech race. This assumption and attack at Microsoft’s ability is ridiculous, and releasing a completely redesigned product divulges Microsoft’s audacity and ability to innovate. Apple’s Mountain Lion is highly reminiscent of Apple’s previous operating systems with only a few changes to its OS. Yes, Microsoft has been shrouded by Apple’s OS and Google’s Android, but the new interface definitely propels Microsoft back to the top of the game. As young adults who are adept at assimilating to new environments and learning new technologies, we shouldn’t be condemning Microsoft for creating Windows 8. We should sit down and learn the macros and shortcuts in Windows 8, and maybe then we’ll realize the potential Windows 8 has to redefine the way we interact with computers and technology.

Personally, I’d love to see more companies innovate. How many times has Apple been criticized for iOS 5 and iOS 6? With the past two OS updates, people from everyday users to tech geeks all feel disappointed. Apple has failed to make any significant changes that users want, and people are beginning to doubt the “cutting-edgeness” of the company that they once did. Although the changes Windows made didn’t appease a majority of its user base, Microsoft sends a clear message that tech companies should focus on innovation rather than pleasing the masses.

Yang is a member of the class of 2016.

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