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Each year, a number of active members of UR’s fraternity and sorority chapters are inducted into Order of Omega on the basis of three important pillars: high academic achievement; a devotion to service; and a demonstration of leadership in their chapter and in the overall campus community.

Tonight, Order of Omega will induct 28 new members to the society, all of whom demonstrate exceptional leadership skills in positions they hold and extensive involvement in service projects, as well as a high level of academic rigor and success.

In the fall, an email is sent out to all juniors and seniors in UR’s Greek community who meet the necessary academic requirements to become a member of the society, encouraging those eligible to apply. In addition to a written form, there are a series of questions along with a recommendation that must be filled out by an advisor or faculty member in order to complete the application.

Junior Carla Graff, an active member in Alpha Phi, is one of this year’s inductees. Graff has served as the chapter historian and vice president of marketing, overseeing a department in sorority that includes publicity, alumni/parent relations, philanthropy and campus activities.

“I think my biggest accomplishments have been for the department, allowing me to have a substantial and positive impact on my sorority and for the [Alphi Phi Foundation] through the creation of two brand new philanthropy events,” she said, referencing the Ivy Ironman Challenge and Alpha Phifa, both of which were held this fall.

For Graff, as well as many others that will be inducted,  having made an impact on campus is more rewarding than receiving recognition by the society.

“[After our new events], participants came up to me and thanked [the sorority] for hosting the events,” she said. “That was a great feeling, knowing we provided new events to campus and were able to make a difference in a brand new way.”

Students’ Association President, Delta Upsilon member and senior Roshal Patel is another inductee this year. He has held multiple chair positions in his fraternity and believes these are some of the main reasons he was recognized by Order of Omega.

In the past, Patel has served as scholarship chair, helping to create an award that recognizes leadership within the fraternity, and as risk manager. He is currently the chief justice of the fraternity, working to rewrite outmoded fraternity bylaws and policies to ensure accountability.

In addition to his work as SA President, working alongside others in both the campus and Greek community to promote change on campus, Patel has had an integral role in working with the SA to include more alcohol education in Freshman Orientation.

“[Inductees should] be a resource on campus,” Patel said. “[They should] show that what they are doing  for their chapters as well as for campus in general has made a positive impact on the UR community.”

Order of Omega encourages academic excellence, leadership and service in the UR Greek community in the hope of continuing these practices in the future. For those inducted into the society, it is not merely about the recognition that often accompanies their actions, but also the impact they make on the UR community.

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the class of 2016.

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