Drue Sokol, Photo Editor

The Yellowjackets’ basketball team entered the weekend looking at two home games against Case Western Reserve University and Carnegie Mellon.  By the weekend’s close they had picked up their 15th and 16th wins, the best start to a season in school history.

Friday’s matchup against the Case Western Reserve Spartans proved a test for the Yellowjackets.

The first half of the game had the makings of a potential blowout.  Junior guard Kristyn Wright led the way with 10 points (and would go on to finish with 16 points, in large part due to an exceptionally efficient four for five on three point attempts).

The Spartans were relentless, however, and spent the second half chipping away at UR’s 14 point halftime lead.  Guards Erica Iafelice and Evy Iacono combined for 25 points, leading the comeback campaign.

The struggling Yellowjackets had their lead cut to three points before sophomores Danielle McNabb and Laney Ming helped regain control of the game.

McNabb, who scored 18 points and had eight rebounds, was the most consistent UR player and the one the Yellowjackets looked towards to nail a critical three pointer in the final minutes of the contest.  Ming clinched the game with flawless free throw shooting, going a remarkable 10 for 10 on the day.

The Lady Yellowjackets prevailed on Friday, winning 73-61, but many more second half lapses would surely taint their unblemished record. Fortunately, the game on Sunday would give them a chance to silence any such qualms.

If any doubts still existed after the Case Western game, then they were certainly silenced by Sunday.

Rochester cruised to a 74-29 rout over the Carnegie Mellon Tartans, this time finishing as strongly as they started.  Kristyn Wright brought her three point total to six on the weekend (10 attempts) and freshman guard Ally Zywicki scored a team high 12 points in as many minutes.

Most impressive might be the depth the team put on display.  Not a single player was on the court for more the 16 minutes in the 45 point rout.

The Lady Yellowjackets will need to be at the top of their game this upcoming weekend, when they play top 10 foes Washington University and the University of Chicago, which accompanies the Yellowjackets in a group of six remaining unbeaten teams.

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