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At the time of year when most students are stuck indoors studying, one club on campus is making moves to enjoy the outdoors. The Outing Club, which was founded in 1960, has been planning trips for over half a century to make the most of the natural resources of the surrounding area.

To learn more about the recent club excursions, the Campus Times caught up with President and sophomore Alayna Callanan and Business Manager and junior Mary Bachmann.

What are some of the trips that you’ve planned this semester? Any in the works?

AC: I recently led the cabin camping trip in Allegany State Park. We stayed in heated cabins for a night and then did a moderately challenging hike the following day. Currently, we are planning at least one ice climbing trip. Other planned trips we have for next semester include white water rafting, snowshoeing and attending the Banff Film Festival at Rochester Institute of Technology.

If the Outing Club had an infinite number of resources, where would you go and why?

AC: I think we would travel to other countries for outings. Maybe go to the Amazon Rain Forest. Speaking of which, Tamandua Expeditions, which organizes trips to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru … will be presenting on campus next semester. They will inform students about the possibility of a trip to the Amazon for spring break.

What is your favorite outing that you’ve had thus far?

AC: Allegany State Park was my favorite trip this year. Every thing went smoothly, the group bonded well and on the hike we saw a family of deer prancing through.

MB: My favorite trip of my three years with the Outing Club was the trip to the Canadian Algonquin National Park in 2010. I saw a black bear and her cubs, as well as a family of three moose for the first time in my life.

Why do you think students should get involved in outdoor activities?

AC: Outdoor activities are important because students get so caught up in school and technology. Going outdoors allows students to reconnect or experience nature for the first time. Our club promotes a healthy, active lifestyle that is sometimes difficult to achieve on campus.

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