JEERS for forcing the new “Unlimited” meal plans on all freshmen and Res Quad residents. On its own, the plan would just be an illogical and ridiculously overpriced option that few would even consider. But forcing it on students based on where they live borders on being an outright scam.
JEERS for prolonged and unannounced campus construction around Towers and the Residential Quad. Residents had to wake up to the sound of pile drivers and were never warned about the magnitude of the construction project. It also frequently blocks access to campus roads and parking spaces.
JEERS for leaving the Courage Bowl — a move that seems to have been at least  partially influenced by UR’s poor record in the contest — and claiming that the decision was made in order to “refocus on the conference schedule.”
JEERS for continuing to do nothing to improve perhaps the most inadequate part of campus life: parking.
JEERS for showing little regard for the green space on campus, putting up buildings in virtually any corner they will fit.
JEERS for removing panini machines — we love the new Hillside, but why must the paninis completely disappear?
JEERS for eliminating staple food options from Douglass Dining Hall, not allowing students to freely use the space and, really, just generally taking away everything that made it beloved before this year.
JEERS for discontinuing hard copies of the course schedule.any students enjoyed perusing UR’s course offerings the old-fashioned way.

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