With countless Google images at our disposal, we often forget to include credit where it is due. Even if no watermark covers an image preventing us from using it in the capacity we want, rarely do we have permission to use a photo or illustration without the legal requirement of crediting the source.

You should readily know whether or not you are using an image legally. The problem often faced, though, is that when we are unsure, we assume we are using the image properly. However, just the opposite should be the standard — if there is no statement explaining that you have the right to use an image, you must assume that you do not have the right.

Veer.com is a website where you can find any photo, vector illustration or font that you can dream of and they’re all legal to use. What you may not want to hear is that the site offers hardly anything free of charge. But, don’t fret, because every Friday, Veer.com releases one new photo and one new illustration for free. A designer told me, and now I recommend to you: Create a folder, register with this website, go every Friday and save the free stuff — you never know when you’ll want to use a high-quality reindeer, scarecrow or woman holding a baby.The fun continues into the world of incredible wallpapers and screensavers for your computer.

Veer.com also fosters your creativity. For example, you can submit your own work and earn royalties for each download once granted contributor-status. Or, if you’re more of a poet, Veer.com is currently hosting a font haiku contest in which you can submit a haiku about a specific font found on the site. There are daily and monthly winners, and there will be one final winner. The contest ends in less than one month, though I won’t be surprised if Veer.com introduces something else just as exciting to fill the haiku contest void.

Seligman is a member of the class of 2012.

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